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There are almost too many resources out there to learn how to program. And a lot of those resources leave people in vicious cycle where they complete tutorials, and then try and execute what they've learned practically, discover they can't, and go back to review those same tutorials (or slightly different ones that cover the same material). You don't have to get caught in the cycle! If you use this great resource, you'll be challeneged every day you practice, and that challenege will translate into practical skills!

Learn how to program is a website that hosts the curriculum of the coding bootcamp Epicodus. That's right--the entire program is hosted online. You can complete it at your own pace, with guidance from videos and cheat sheets when you're learning a new concept, and not much guidance at all when you actually have to do the project. This will help you grow as a developer, and make sure you don't get stuck in a cycle of never quite getting it.

I know what you're thinking--I'm some shill from this camp. No. I am in no way associated with Epicodus. I've just been having such a great time using their materials that I have to share it with anyone that'll listen.

Don't think it'll work? Checkout some of these projects that I've completed in my month of using Learn how to program.

Also, I'm not very smart or very good at this. Think of what you could achieve if you gave the program a shot!

The Sieve of Eratosthenes
An algorithm to find prime numbers


Palindrome Checker
A little program that checks whether text is a palindrome


Factorial Calculator
Calculate any numbers factorial (!)